Our aim

The aim of foundation Mamita Alice is to create a positive and sustainable change in the lifes of disadvantaged children in Ayacucho, Peru. This aim is set out in our statutes. It formally says that our aim is to:

  • Provide financial support to the work of people and organisations who aim to improve the living circumstances and development opportunities of disadvantaged children in the Global south. Specifically we support the projects of NGO Mama Alice and Fundacion wayra in Ayacucho, Peru.
  • To perform any legal activities that are related to or support the above stated goal or which are inquisitive to the above. All without the goal of making a profit.

Our activities

Stichting Mamita Alice provides financial support to activities of organisations who support disadvantaged children in Ayacucho Peru. By providing this financial support we allow these organisations to provide these children with safety, securenss and opportunities. All of which lead to a chance for a better future. Specifically we provide financial support to projects that rely on the following pillars:

  • Education, including individual education
  • Professional education
  • Psychosocial aid
  • Medical care

Besides collecting financial contributions we also undertake other activities. We organise events and presentations in which we present the projects in Peru, in order to raise awareness. By doing so we want to increase the knowledge of young people in the Netherlands, about the terrible situations of street children in Peru and development aid in general.

What about our finances?

We use several methods to raise money to support projects. In the first place we raise money through a number of montly, quarterly and yearly donors. We are very grateful for this as they provide important continuity. Furthermore we apply for grants for specific projects. Our aim is to completely spend the collected money on projects in Peru. That doesn’t take away the fact that there are some overhead costs that are necessary to run the foundation. These mainly concern administrative costs such as envelopes, etc. The board does not receive any financial reward for their work. Last year (2018) we were able to spent 99% of the collected money on projects in Peru. As foundation we think that transparency is very important. Hence we have an annual report that elaborates the financial situation. (This is only available in Dutch)

More information

The amoun of information in English is rather limited since we are a Dutch foundation. However, we are more than happy to tell you about the work we do, and the projects that we support. Please send us an e-mail to ask any questions you might have. For some insights in projects that we support, we like to refer to the website of NGO Mama Alice Peru.